Do you take custom orders?- At the moment I do not, but be sure to sign up for our NEWSLETTER to stay up to date if that changes and for our weekly available drops!


Where do you sell your knives?- Right here on our AVAILABLE KNIVES PAGE. We normally list drops of available knives every Friday evening at 9PM Eastern Standard Time unless otherwise noted. 


Where do you ship your knives to?- Pretty much anywhere in the world! If it's legal to ship knives to your state or country we most likely ship there. Take note you as the buyer are responsible to be sure it is legal to ship knives where you live. 


What are your shipping days?- All knives sold through the store go in the mail on Saturday or Wednesday mornings.


Do you do your own Heat Treat?-  I heat treat every knife in house to include cryo for high alloy tool steel and stainless steel.


Where can I find more information on the steels and grinds you use?- HERE!


How would you recommend sharpening my knife?-  I recommend using a strop to keep it sharp.  It's the old saying; "A knife should be sharpened once and honed for a lifetime" .  Now if you do need to sharpen it I recommend using a good pair of diamond stones.  One to sharpen (about 320-600 grit), and one to refine the edge (about 1000-1500 grit) before stropping on a good stiff strop with a 1-4 micron diamond spray or paste for the final polish. You can find a list of recommended sharpening supplies here- AA Forge Amazon Store


What grind would you most recommend for bushcraft?- My personal preference is the convex grind for its versatility. In fact, the convex is the only grind I currently use for my knives.


What is your warranty?- I warranty my knives against faults of the maker for life whether you're the first owner or the 100th.  For other repairs and spa treatments the cost and turn around times will differ.  For simple repairs it takes around two weeks, but for more extensive repairs or replacement it may take up to 3 months to work into the rotation.  To begin talking about any warranty work or spa treatment please go to our CONTACT PAGE!


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