Do you make more orders or do you make more available?-  I do a mix of both so that there is always some on hand for those who don't like to wait for a couple of months for a custom order.  Custom Orders are for those who don't see just what they want and don't mind the wait.


How long is your wait list?-  Go to the Order Faqs Page for details  


Do you do your own Heat Treat?-  I currently heat treat my O1 blades, but all of the stainless steel blades are done by Peters heat treat.


How would you recommend sharpening my knife?-  I recommend using a strop to keep it sharp.  It's the old saying; "A knife should be sharpened once and honed for a lifetime" .  Now if you do need to sharpen it I recommend using a good pair of oil or water stones.  One to sharpen, and one to refine the edge before stroping for the final polish.


What grind would you most recommend for bushcraft?- I prefer the convex and scandi  for most bushcraft tasks. The convex is a better do it all grind while the scandi is a little better at carving. Both can easily be maintained in the field with a good strop.