Limited Edition Knives

Nomadic Bushcrafter - $260.00

Please note that when custom ordering this knife you are paying only the $50.00 non-refundable deposit to hold your spot on the list which comes off your total, and you will owe the remaining $210.00 plus any extra add ons once the knife is finished. You will have 1 week to respond after the invoice and completion email is sent with either payment or arrangements for payment. If no attempt is made to contact me before 1 week has passed your order will be canceled, the deposit will be forfeited, and the knife will be listed for sale.  

Blade- 4 1/2"

Handle- 4 3/4"

This model is a mix of the Bushcrafters blade and the Nomads handle, hence the name Nomadic Bushcrafter.  This model is only going to be available for Custom Order once a year with a limited number of slots, so grab a slot while you can!


The expected wait time is 12-15 months. Please understand that this is only an ESTIMATED time frame and not an exact quote.  The exact time depends on current work load, complexity of the order and availability of some materials at times.  Please read in full section (5.) of the Custom Order FAQs Page before placing a custom order.


We will no longer be taking custom orders for this model!  The orders that have been placed will be the last customs of this model and from here on out this knife will only be available through calibration offerings and auctions.


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